February 2021: Monthly Wrap-Up

Between my birthday, Chinese New Year, Valentine’s Day and Purim, my February was preeetty busy. So maybe it’s no surprise that I hit a bit of a reading slump. 🤷🏻‍♀️ I wound up taking a whole week off reading from (and posting!), in fact.

Despite that, however, I still managed to have a great month! Even in the midst of Covid, my partner managed to make my birthday really special. 😍 After hearing me complain for the umpteenth time about how much I missed going out for ramen, she took it upon herself to make me some absolutely delicious homemade ramen – from scratch! Add on the fact that she ordered me a black forrest cake (my favorite flavour of cake!) from one of my favorite bakeries, it was a pretty awesome day. 🥰

(Check out the photos below of my delicious birthday meal!)

On the books front, even while taking a little break from reading, I still managed to complete some really fun bookish firsts. I wound up doing two separate buddy reads!! I read Legendborn by Tracy Deonn with Ali from In the Lost & Found and Crier’s War by Nina Varela with Mayu from Bookshelf Life – both of which were really fun and total 5 star reads! 🤩 I also participated in my very first readathon, F/F February! I’ll go into more detail on the books I read for that in my F/F February wrap-up post, but for now I’ll just say that I managed to read 5 books for it, and I enjoyed them all! ❤️

Books Read:

I managed to get through 9 books this month! I’m actually kind of surprised by that? February is a short month, I only read for 3/4s of it, and some of the books I read were really long! (Too be fair, a number of the books I read were also pretty short.)

I had such a fun time reading so many books for F/F February! 😍 In other news, I’m obsessed with Nina LaCour? Literally, I need to read everything she ever wrote. Like, now.

Next Month’s TBR:

So, I failed spectacularly at reading last month’s TBR… so now this month’s TBR is (more than a little) ridiculous… Wish me luck. 🙈

How was your February?

What are you looking forward to in March?

Let me know!

Liza is a twenty-something book blogger who spends way too much time with her nose in books and feels way too much. She loves cooking, baking, reality tv show watching and, of course, reading. She can be found most often with a cup of tea in one hand and a book in the other. Her blog, Literary Liza, features bookish content like reviews, recommendations, and author interviews.


  • Karla

    Happy belated birthday!! 🥳 I didn’t know you were a fellow February baby! So happy that you had a great day! That ramen and cake are to die for! So lucky! 🥰 I also read Legendborn this month and it was THE best book ever!! 🥰

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