February & March 2022: Monthly Wrap-Up

Yes, you read that date correctly. It IS already over a week into April and I AM just now posting my wrap-up for February… 😅🙈

In my defense, SO MUCH STUFF happened in February and March! I celebrated my 27th birthday (🥳), I started a new job (on top of my old one…), my partner and I moved into our new ✨house✨! 🏡 And then got to learn all about the ~FuN~ that’s involved in house maintenance. (Pretty much, it started leaking from our ceiling and caused a ton of water damage… but luckily our builder is in the process of repairing it.)

Yes, I am exhausted. I honestly started to feel quite sick this past week. 😷 So much so that we thought it may have been covid, but (luckily) all my tests have come back negative so far. 🤞 Realistically, it’s probably just the stress of everything finally catching up with me.

While it’s been a lot, I do feel really grateful for all the wonderful things in my life. My partner took me out for a delicious meal to celebrate my birthday, I genuinely love both my jobs, and my new house is gorgeous (water damage aside). Reading in front of my fireplace has been a particular joy. Overall, I’m starting to get back into a good space, and I’m hopeful for what’s to come. ❤️

Books Read:

I read another 15 books over the past two months, 4 of which were ARCs! Something I feel really good about because I’ve been trying to up my game on making my way through my towering ARC pile and improving my Netgalley ratio (aiming for that 80% golden standard). 👌

Blood & Honey by Shelby Mahurin | A letdown after Serpent & Dove, but really. Who is surprised?

The Downstairs Girl by Stacey Lee | This novel is a must-read for any historical fiction lover. I listened to the audiobook during my commute, and near the end, I legit had to stop listening to it on the way to work because I would ruin my makeup trying not to cry.

Tokyo Ever After by Emiko Jean | As a diehard fan of The Princess Diaries series in my youth, I really enjoyed this return to Genovia – or Toyko in this case. It was lighthearted and sweet and everything I wanted it to be. I’m super excited for the sequel!

This Poison Heart by Kalynn Bayron | This one was a very unique and interesting tale. The botany was really interesting to read about too. And after that cliffhanger? I HAVE to know what happens next. Review to come!

Unlock Your Storybook Heart by Amanda Lovelace | My favorite of Amanda Lovelace’s collections and a pleasant surprise! Review to come.

The Dead and the Dark by Courtney Gould | LOVED this one. The creepy small-town vibes? The sapphic leads? Perfection. Review to come!

Good Company by Cynthia D’Aprix Sweeney | Very well written, but a little aimless in its execution? Read my review now!

White Smoke by Tiffany D. Jackson | SUPER creepy. Very atmospheric. I sped through it at a breakneck speed.

Lost in the Never Woods by Aiden Thomas | This one was a slight disappointment for me after having loved Cemetery Boys. It was still very good! It just dragged in the middle a little.

The Last Thing He Told Me by Laura Dave | Another slight disappointment given all its hype. I found the twist unrealistic, which took me out of the story a bit. However, I really liked the characters, and the characterization of the lead particularly. So still very enjoyable, maybe just not as much as I had anticipated!

Crier’s War by Nina Varela | My first reread of the year. I needed it because so much happened in this novel that I couldn’t remember half of it, and wanted to be caught up before tackling Iron Heart – and I’m glad I did! This novel is still so, so good, even on the second read-through. 😍

Iron Heart by Nina Varela | An epic conclusion to a really wonderful, rich story! My heart aches for these two. Second book syndrome? Nina Varela doesn’t know her.

My Friend Anna by Rachel DeLoache Williams | Honestly, such an insane story and I feel so bad for Rachel (even if I don’t necessarily like her). I appreciated being able to read her perspective of the events after watching the Netflix series that essentially glorified Anna and left a bad taste in my mouth.

The Only Good Indians by Stephen Graham Jones | This is a really great horror novel. It’s got lots of tension and build-up, as well as lots of in-your-face gore and terror. I really enjoyed reading about the Native American culture that was present throughout. Because it’s broken up into 3 main stories, and each of those has a unique feel to them, there’s definitely something in there for everyone.

Cinderella is Dead by Kalynn Bayron | I absolutely loved this one! Such creative world-building, an interesting plotline, and a strong lead who is easy to root for. I really appreciated the relevant commentary about our society sprinkled throughout. A very strong debut.

Next Month’s TBR:

This TBR feels a little ambitious, but I think I’m up to the challenge! 💪

How has your life been these past few months?

Are you excited about anything happening in the spring?

Let me know!

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